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Early History
of the
Apple Industry
in Adams County

 A is for apple
An educational handbook
produced as a teacher's guide for the exhibit

Yakima's Love Affair With The Apple

 Yakima Valley Museum

 item An Apple for the Teacher
 item Information about visiting the museum
 item Preparing for your museum experience
 item Comparing Apples and Oranges
 item Preliminary Activities
 item What is an apple anyway?
 item The difference between fruits and vegetables
 item Where are fruits grown?
 item Learning where fruits grow - Activity #1
 item The Star in the Orchard
 item Fruit Printing - Activity #2
 item Busy as a bee
 item I'm stuck on you - Activity #3
 item Bee bits
 item None of your Beeswax - Activity #4
 item Apple Label Coloring Sheets - Activity #5
 item The Journey of an Apple
 item The exhibit
 item Irrigation
 item Planting
 item Growing
 item Pollination
 item Good Bugs - Bad Bugs
 item Thinning and pruning
 item Frost control
 item Picking
 item Cleaning and waxing
 item Packing
 item Storage
 item Shipping
 item Marketing
 item Apple Labels
 item Apple Facts
 item Workers
 item Selling and Buying
 item Eating
 item An Apple a Day
 item Planting the Seed
 item Outreach Materials and Internet Tools
 item Follow-up Activities
 item Apple of my eye - Activity #7
 item Apple Jack-o-lanterns - Activity #8
 item One Rotten Apple Spoils the Whole Barrel
 item The Apple Box
 item Children's Underground at the Yakima Valley Museum

Made possible through a grant from the Washington Apple Education Foundation

Teachers- download a printable PDF version here

The Biglerville Historical and Preservation Society
and The National Apple Museum
154 West Hanover Street - P.O. Box 656
Biglerville, PA 17307-9442 - Telephone: 717-677-4556

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