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“Although it is just a short drive from the Carlisle and Gettysburg Pike exits of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a trip to Adams County is a trip back in time with quaint villages and festivals that recall America’s agricultural past. In Adams County apples are everywhere. In fact more than five million bushels of America’s favorite fruit are harvested in this one county alone. Everywhere you turn somebody is harvesting, selling — or eating apples!

It should come as no surprise that the National Apple Museum can be found in Biglerville, Adams County. There are gallery displays, videos, guided tours and, of course, plenty of apples to eat at the National Apple Museum. There is an historic country store and quilt display. You can even find entertainment in the form of the Apple Core Band and the National Apple Museum Dance Band.”

—Lowman S. Henry in “Fall Harvest Beckons Travelers to Adams County.”

Scots-Irish settlers established farms in the Biglerville area before 1740, followed later by German families, which stimulated agriculture practices. Railroads accelerated fresh fruit shipping after 1880 and fruit processing after 1900. Today, the area is one of the most intensive fruit regions in the country with nationally-known processors and a variety of support industries.

The Biglerville Historical and Preservation Society, a non-profit organization, has done research on pioneer families, land settlements and genealogy. In April 1990 the Society opened The National Apple Museum to honor the founders of the Apple Industry.

It’s our pleasure to share information about the industry and links to local growers, agricultural groups and organizations throughout Adams County and Pennsylvania.

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