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National Apple Museum

Resonating Concerts at the National Apple Museum

Last Friday, I went to see Elly Cooke perform at the National Apple Museum and it was good…it was very, very good!

An event is good if you have fun, if you don’t spend a lot of money, if you come away refreshed or excited, but this event was very, very good because it resonated!

Something very, very good resonates in rings of goodness that amplify the original energy invested. I drove in late to Elly’s concert and found a convenient parking space; with beautifully clear music drifting all around the big Apple Museum barn. I easily slipped into the comfortable, happy crowd in front of the barn’s porch where Elly and Tylor Elder, were giving an amazing concert, and amazingly, it was also free.

These free concerts are sponsored by Ploughman’s Cider, a Northern Adams County orchard business owned by another talented musician, Ben Wenk. Ben resonates his good will to the community by sponsoring these wonderful concerts. Musicians are arranged by Ploughman and the museum pays one third of their performance fee as well as providing the costs of the venue and their set up needs.

The performer last Friday, Elly Cooke, grew up in Adams County as a homeschooler; she is now accomplished musician resonating wonderful music back to the people who nurtured her.

Also resonating artistry through his new Apple Museum video, local teen, Charlie Walmer, captured our concert-setting’s splendor through his mesmerizing drone footage in our newest Youtube video. Bought with his own money, Charlie hopes to use his drone to offer his videography/editing services to other businesses and organizations.

This video really highlight’s the beauty of the Apple Museum’s restoration effort. This big barn and surrounding property were originally donated by Claire and Marie Ditzler to the Biglerville Historic and Preservation Society who created the National Apple Museum which now resonates with years of volunteer effort from Adams County residents. Volunteers have repaired, painted, cleaned, plumbed, organized displays, cataloged artifacts, staffed the gift shop, and prepared tours and website content all to preserve an understanding of community where you are known personally for what you resonate. Donations are gratefully received during concerts and visits to continue this work.

I hope you can catch one of the remaining concerts this season; they are truly good…very, very good!

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