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Hamlet History, Part 4 (Arendtsville, Aspers, Beecherstown, Bendersville, Brysonia, Butler Township)


Settled in 1810
Originally called John’s Pursuit
Incorporated in 1896
Named for early settler, John Arendt
Post office established 9/16/1841
On November 22, 1918, Arendtsville resident, Ira E. Lady, died of wounds sustained in World War I. The Biglerville American Legion is named in his honor.
Covers .8 square miles
Sources: Wikipedia; Gettysburg Times 9/2/1978;


Also known as Bendersville Station

Renamed Aspers when the post office was built in 1884.

Named after Frederick Asper (1844-1912), a wealthy landowner and businessman. Mr. Asper was instrumental in helping to secure the construction of the railway through Upper Adams County.

Consists of .55 square miles

A census-designated place. Population in 2020 was 486

Sources: Wikipedia; Gettysburg Times 12/7/1912;


In 1825, originally called Beechersville, named for David Beecher

At one time contained a tannery, woolen factory, grist mill, and a paper mill

A covered bridge spanning the Conewago Creek was torn down in 1961 and replaced with a concrete bridge

Source: A History of Adams County, Pennsylvania 1700-1990 by Robert L. Bloom


Scott Walker’s Great Great Grandfather built this house in Bendersville
Originally named Wilsonville, after having been surveyed by Benjamin Wilson, son of the first postmaster.

Settlement was patented to John Schlosser in 1811. Mr. Schlosser’s tract was sold to William Saddler in 1814, then to Henry Bender in 1819.

Henry, Conrad, Michael, and John Bender officially founded the town in 1832, at which time the name was changed to Bendersville.

John Schlosser had a log tavern on the site of what is now the Elkhorn Restaurant.

The first home was built by Peter Studebaker, whose family became famous for the making of carriages, wagons, and an automobile.

Source: Tidbits, History, Morsels by Larry Kennedy 2009


Was home to a creamery and an ice house in the late 1800’s
M.E. Knouse had a grocery store there until 1926 when he sold it to his brother and became manager of the Peach Glen plant of United Grocery Co.
Col. John S. Rice was born in Brysonia on Jan. 28, 1899. The son of Leighton H.and Florence Hartman Rice. He fought in WWI and WWII and owned a fruit packing supply company from 1934-1955. He was a PA state senator, president of Gettysburg College (Rice Hall), and US ambassador to the Netherlands

Source: Westbrook Manual

Butler Township

Organized in 1849 from parts of the original townships of Menallen and Franklin

Once had a post office, Menallen, which is now Center Mills

In 1756, resident Colonel Hance Hamilton commanded a 200-man company to take part in the pursuit of Indian Raiders

October 23, 1794, President Washington reportedly spent the night at Russell’s Tavern, on present day Russell Tavern Road

Covers 24.1 square miles and in 2020 had a population of 2,550

Sources: Wikipedia; History of Cumberland and Adams County 1886; Tidbits, History, Morsels by Larry Kennedy; History of Adams County 1700-1990 by Robert L. Bloom

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